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Notes On A Possibly Ill-Fated Effort

this is me, but none of this stuff is mine

I kill blogs the way some people kill potted plants. So the prospect of another introductory post to another attempt at one feels a bit like a fool's errand. But hope springs eternal.

If I can maintain consistency with it, I figure this will be a spot where I share some of the better hot takes from my Letterboxd, test drive my short fiction, and periodically muse at length on philosophy, religion, politics and pop culture. Sometimes all of those at once. You can find examples of that sort of thing in my work for the Impacting Culture Blog.

I'm something of a cynic, with correspondingly dark tastes, rather anarchical political ideals and a profane sense of humor. But beneath all that I'm proudly Catholic, essentially an idealist who's overly sensitive and easily disappointed, so hopefully a certain light still shines through all my bullshit.

I like to think of myself as a "Christian nihilist" – perhaps I'll devote a later post to explaining what the bleep that is supposed to mean. In the meantime, welcome. I hope to amuse, frighten, provoke and/or aesthetically strike you, but if nothing else, I just hope to offload some of the miscellanea rattling around my brain. Thanks for visiting. <3

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